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The obligated active service requirement for flight training is 8 years after completion of flight school. When combined with the 3 year obligated service requirement incurred for completion of OCS, a WiFI graduate will have incurred 11 years of total obligated service.According to the 'A' School List she was obligated for 24 months of service commencing after her 'A' school graduation and, if that clause kicked in, she should have had to sign an agreement to extend her enlistment which would have been hard to miss. I think what you are seeing is the standard tour length for that particular assignment. coast guard a school obligated service

5 Does member meet Coast Guard weight standards? Yes No Does member meet obligated service requirements (if no, complete and attach a Career Intentions Worksheet 6 Yes No (CG2045)? 7 Is a performance evaluation needed and been completed? Yes No 8 Has the member been counseled on and received appropriate travel funds?

All Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Offices (SPOs) and Personnel and Admin Office staff members should review the message in its entirety. It is the responsibility of the member's Personnel and Admin Office to ensure the member meets the obligated service requirement prior to executing orders to Class A School. Coast Guard National Command Center If you need the assistance of a Coast Guard command in an emergency, the National Command Center can assist in identifying needed contact information. Call 1800DADSAFE ( ).coast guard a school obligated service Coast Guard Foundation Education Grant (CGFEG) The CGFEG program is designed to assist eligible personnel in their academic or technical development by providing funding for tuition, fees, and miscellaneous expenses incurred in completing offduty voluntary education.

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Disclaimer. This web site is a privatelyowned and has not been underwritten or supported by the United States Coast Guard. The views and opinions posted by members do not reflect the views and opinions of the United States Coast Guard. coast guard a school obligated service The Coast Guard Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a rigorous course of instruction that prepares candidates to serve effectively as officers in the Coast Guard. OCS also provides a wide range of highly technical information necessary for performing the duties of a Coast Guard officer. all service obligations for initial entry into the Coast Guard (Academy, OCS, DCA, etc. ) and obligated service for receipt of training and education (nonaviation specific postgraduate school The Coast Guard Reserve is a parttime force of nearly 8, 000, specially trained people who serve with the Coast Guard one weekend a month and two weeks every year. The majority of Coast Guard Academy alumni go on to pursue graduate degrees, paid for by the Coast Guard in return for an additional service obligation. Selection is based on performance. While attending graduate school, officers continue to earn their regular salary and benefits.

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